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Amazingly effective
My darling cat has this thing for brooms…sees them as prey, apparently. She grips them with her claws, bites away at their bristles, and doesn’t let go. Not only is it near-impossible to s Read More
More like a 4.5
I wanted to replace my plastic hamper because our lovely new fluffy towels were taking up so much room that it soon began to overflow. I debated for several days between this commercial hamper and one Read More
Mini powerhouse
This is Jerry, Debs husband. I grew up in the mountains around Sisters, Oregon. Had a chainsaw in my hands by the time I was 12 or 13 years old. It was a big, rattler of a machine that I could barely Read More
Great Value
You can spend hundreds of dollars for really good knives. These do not measure up to those. Nevertheless, for most of us, these are quite good considering the current price point. They are sharp an Read More